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                          Many 300_5AP   

                            5 axis 3D Printer

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- 5 axis 3D Printer with auto head changer

- 5 axis synchronized

- 5 axis EasyCut motion control



EasyCut 3 axis/4 axis/5 axis / 6 axis  CNC Motion Control

7" Color LCD Touch Screen Motion Control Stand alone without computer

Suitable for stepper motor control, DC servo control and AC servo control.

Use for 4 axis/5 axis hot wire cutters, cnc router machines, 3D printer, robot arms...

 Robot Arms Control
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  EasyCut Motion Control  

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      3DWork Software  

    -  Generate G code file (input stl file)

     -   Suitable for 3D solid Hot Wire Foam Cutter                            

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 - Transfer probe scan file ( *.sca) to STL format file and generate G code then run in hotwire cutter

 -  or export to STL file make editing and generate G code in other CAM software

- or export to STL file and make copy in 3D printer

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                                   Both side join together                                    Probe scan and make copy by 3D printer

Download: Demo Software