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Many CNC System Co., Ltd.

Our company is in Asia (Macau). We manufacture CNC router machines over ten years experience; we also produce motion control and software. The goods we offer are excellent but cheap in the world market. 

You may rest assured that the commodity you buy from us will be best in quality, but with reasonable price. So far we have got some honest reward only.

We had attended the International Technology Exhibition - EUREKA [meets] ASIA" 2000 at Macau,  Dongguan Int'l Machinery & Materials Exhibition, Macau MIF Exhibition. 

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EUREKA [meets] ASIA 2000 IN MACAU       Dongguan Int'l Machinery & Materials Exhibition 2001

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Macau MIF Exhibition 2001                Macau MIF Exhibition 2003

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Macau MIF Exhibition 2007                Macau MIF Exhibition 2009


Many CNC System Co., Ltd.

Rua de S. Miguel No.10B R/C,

Macau (S.A.R.)

Tel/Fax: 853+28351815


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