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                                    MOSFET BRIDGE DRIVER

     MCS DC30 is a MOSFET BRIDGE Dives. It based on digital control, volatage control and analogy control technologies. It is 8 layers PCB. Input voltage 24 to 80VDC (DC30) or 24 to 36VDC (DC30_36). Control of DC motors up to 500W is availiable. The drives are suitable for use in a wide range of applications with includes CNC machine tools, multi axis motion, robotic and general automation.

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     DC30/DC30_36                             DC servo drives




    Including Output Modes:

    1. Step and Direction mode

    2. Velocity control, velocity will not effect by the loading (input voltage 0-5V resolution 0.019V)

    3. Position or degree control (input voltage 0-5V resolution 0.019V)


     All the control modes available connect RS232 communication port to tune the parameter from the dC30 software.

    Including setting:

   - Backlash value for machinery

   -  Direction

   - Output degree ratio

   - Output power

   - Positioning precision

   - Position or degree ratio setting, velocity ratio setting under the Voltage Input mode

   - Multi axis position and velocity control, trapezoidal velocity setting under the PC Control mode



  • PID loop closed internally

  • Feedback resolution with encoder line count

  • Backlash setting for machinery

  • EEPROM configuration allows automatic start up in stand-alone Step, Direction input/output rate setting Frequence setting

  • Serial interface connects to RS232 communication port to tune all parameters

  • Opto-isolated input pulse & direction

  • Opto-isolated fault alarm output (over load, over speed)

  • Lock range +/- 5000 pulse following error

  • Current loop bandwidth 20kHz

  • Max pulse input 200kHz

  • Resolution 200-8000pulse/360degree

  • Smooth Rotation

  • Independent Reset Input & Power Up Reset

  • Increase Independent Err Output

  • Loading temperature up to 50<C


   DC30 Servo Drives Details Information

Download DC30 Tuning Software: DC30.rar

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  DC30 control 500W Sanyo Denki DC servo Motor        120W DC Servo Motor + DC30 Driver

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  70W DC Motor + Encoder + DC30 Driver     10W DC Motor + Encoder



    10W DC Motor + Encoder

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3 axis CNC Mill Machine with DC30 Driver