3 axis or 4 axis Micro CNC Milling Machine 


Optional add rotate axis

 Many Micro CNC router machine is a very strong and high precise machine. Ability machining into metal, even for steel. Simple control allow anyone to begin working without training.


 Machine Size (mm)  560 x 560 x 840 (mm)

 Traveling (mm)

 170 x 200 x 120 (mm)
 Control Type  USA Gecko Micro Step, 7Amp, 10u step
 Motion System  Ball Linear &Ball Screw in all axes
 Drive Motor  Japan High Torque Stepper Motors
 Max Speed  4500mm/min
Spindle Motor

 Optional  800W 40,000rpm water cooling spindle

 Optional 1.5kw 24,000rpmm water cooling spindle

 Max Tool Shaft Diameter  6mm
 Accuracy  +/-0.018mm
 Resolution  0.008mm
 Power  Requirements  220V
 Cutting Material  Wood, Plastic, Acrylic, Aluminum, Brass...
 Software  EasyCut V2 Software
 Support File  G M code file (iso, tap, nc, cnc...)

 DXF file, PLT file

 System Requirements  Windows 2000/XP/Vista