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Many CNC Laser Cut Machine

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new.gif (2572 bytes)Unique features: Lens positioning,

the machine automatically offset centering


1200B_L Laser Cut CNC                    8050L Laser Cut CNC(1200x1200mm)                      (800x500mm)       

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Auto Floating Focus Laser CNC (5' x 10')

Z axis will go up and down follow the uneven board.





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 Drive Motor  Servo Motor/Stepper Motor
 Laser Power  50W/60W/70W/100W/130W
 Laser Type  CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, water-cooled, 10.6um
 Min-laser beam  0.4 mm
 Position Accuracy  +/-0.018 mm
 Resolution  0.008 mm
 Rapid Rate  12000 mm/min
 Cutting Speed  25-10000 mm/min
 Power Requirement  220V 50-60Hz
 Motion Control  EasyCut
Support File  G-Code file (NC, CNC, ISO, tool path file)
 Applicable Materials  wood, plastic, acrylic, leather, paper, double color board, ABS boards, resin, animal grease, anodized  aluminum (engraving) etc






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