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1005AS CNC Router Machine

The construction is very sturdy and precise. The machine constructed with very high strength steel and iron. It is very powerful and easy to use. It is  suitable for 3D aluminum/magnesium mold making, 3D emboss, 3D sign making,  furniture, woodworking etc. Ability machining into steel, brass, aluminum, magnesium, acrylic, ABS, wood, styrene foam, modeling wax etc.

                        Yach wood mold making 

                     1005AS CNC with ATC system

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1005AS CNC (metal working)


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1.5KW ATC Spindle      ISO20 Tool Holder           Water Cooling for Spindle

          1005AS Specification

 Table size (mm)  1219 x 2438
 Working area (mm) 1200 x 2400 x 200 (optional higher Z)
 Table surface    T-slot Aluminum
 Motion System  XYZ axis: Ball Linear; Ball Screw
 Drive Motor   Japan AC Servo motor
 Control Type      AC Servo
 Spindle Motor   2.2kw water cooling spindle with inverter 24,000 rpm 

 (Optional powerful spindle)

Max Tool Diameter    12 mm 
 Position Accuracy  +/- 0.018mm
 Resolution         0.0045mm
 Feed Speed   12000mm/min
 Power requirements     220V 50-60Hz
 Cutting Material       Wood, Plastic, Brass, Aluminum, Magnesium,  Steel, Stainless Steel...
 Support File  G M code file (iso, tap, nc, cnc...)

 DXF file, PLT file

 System requirements  Windows 2000/XP/Vista


new.gif (2572 bytes)   DC Servo Drive     Robot Arm